Saturday, September 23, 2017

Personal Asst. posting

Mean to post this to Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed (and possibly Zip Recruiter, Craigslist--the one for LA county? Or a great many??) soon...but saving it here since I imagine ads on those sites have expiry dates...

At your service!! I am hereby offering my services as a personal assistant. By this I mean someone to aid full-time with just about anything and everything--shopping, chores, cleaning/housekeeping, pet/childcare, business...assistance with nearly anything for which you might ever require or like it. Willing to relocate (which is why I've posted to many of these sites), and to work out fair pay based upon how much and what kinds of help you generally need. I am completely trustworthy, responsible, neat, clean, organized, friendly, & cooperative, with no criminal record. Willing to pursue the offer with someone whose trustworthiness I can verify (whilst establishing my own for you, during the "get-to-know-each-other" period!) For starters: I'm a 30-y/o college graduate from New Jersey, USA, currently bookkeeping for my father's small business in two-way radio repair. Have resume to provide. My family has had at least two dogs at a time since my birth, along with a variety of other species, and I'm a tremendous animal lover who also enjoys gardening.


...Well, this is disappointing. Just registered on all those sites, and it appears that Craigs is the only one that actually lets you do more than upload your resume...? Post about services offered? Ugh. There's no way to post to "worldwide Craigslist," either. You'd have to do it a million times, in every country/region/state/city to which you'd consider moving, in order to cast the widest possible net and have the slightest chance of a legit response. Man. This world's set up all wrong. The other four sites are the exact same thing; why isn't there just one of them? Okay, ZipRecruiter seems to be US-only, but that's like, the only difference. Ugh. -_- 

......Well, this is infuriating. CL expressly forbids posting the same ad to multiple of its sub-sites. Wtfh? Why isn't a worldwide site that lets you post your ads to as many or as few locations as you want by box-checking? And filter search results likewise? The way it is is so insanely limiting, and there doesn't seem to be one good job/employee-seeking site.