Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Hub's Pup-ularity Contest


1. https://hub.promotions.com/pupularity/voteprv.do?eid=607
2. https://hub.promotions.com/pupularity/voteprv.do?eid=633
3. https://hub.promotions.com/pupularity/voteprv.do?eid=635

Everyone can vote 10 times a day through August 19. ;)


  1. I've done my voting for today! :) Good luck! So many pretty pooches entered. :D <3

  2. We greatly appreciated your support! Yeah, there were 2100+ adorable puppers entered...I saw quite a few worthy-looking pics that I figured could have been stiff competition...in the end I guess someone somehow beat us, though, because I never got a call or e-mail notification. Oh, well! Hard to feel bitter against dogs, even if I know that mine really were the happiest...;p