Friday, April 6, 2012

MLP Design Contest Voting Now Open!!

Howdy do, friends o' mine...I've got two entries in WeLoveFine's third My Little Pony T-Shirt Design Contest. If you could please take a few seconds to register a simple account on the site and rate 'em for me, I'll send you a slice of the cake I'm baking tomorrow, plus some chocolate-dipped marshmallow Peeps! Or at least, I'll be extremely, stupendously super-grateful. 8D Rules are: "For every 100 new ratings after the first 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!"

So, if you're bored and give half a darn about ponies, you could rate the other designs as well to really help the prize money climb... =) TNG ponifications, v.2.0, using the Hub's PonyMaker! +D

Mind you, my entries are simply concepts; they were the best I could do, especially in the small amount of time I had to create anything at all to enter. If they were to receive any attention from the judges at all, or there were a desire to create Star Trek/My Little Pony crossover designs (which ought to exist already!), I would make further suggestions for such things and allow these basic concepts to be developed into print-worthy art.

The most amazing and perfect design of all would be one that groups the magnificent mane seven (or nine, in Voyager's case) "ponies" of each of the five series--arranging these groups in the manner of the symbols on a "five" playing card (each above their logo), as well as incorporating the other elements of DisQord and the "Borg herd," surrounding them all. There can be more ponified Trek characters, objects, and whatnot as well (including the things that are already obvious connections--Parasprites, Changelings, etc.)