Monday, March 19, 2012

And here ARE me entries! ('s My Little Pony design contest)

"Resistance is Futile":

With ugly spray paint "backdrop": 

Without the spray paint (and before I added the Elements of Intergalactic/Universal Harmony...actually, I submitted it before inserting those anyway. :/ Also had to use this plain white one because the additional paint made the file too large):

I'm obviously not that much of an artist with or without a computer, but as I knew that something more simply HAD to be done with the pony/Trek crossover, I just sketched a very, very basic concept to try and get the idea across.

Here it is in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

"My Little Star Trek: The Next Generation is Magic"*:

And here are the magnificent mane seven, engaged in one of the infamous Poker games that take place aboard the starship USS Canterprise. Ponies Playing Poker--the next series of paintings to become classics! :D

Here 'tis in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

Whoops...forgot to add Spot's whiskers 'til after I'd already submitted. Oh, well. :P Should hardly make a difference one way or the other.

*Also known, as  says, as "The Next Ge-neigh-ration!" ;-)

Oh yeah. and: Earlier Pony Creator-generated rendition of them

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