Monday, March 19, 2012

And here ARE me entries! ('s My Little Pony design contest)

"Resistance is Futile":

With ugly spray paint "backdrop": 

Without the spray paint (and before I added the Elements of Intergalactic/Universal Harmony...actually, I submitted it before inserting those anyway. :/ Also had to use this plain white one because the additional paint made the file too large):

I'm obviously not that much of an artist with or without a computer, but as I knew that something more simply HAD to be done with the pony/Trek crossover, I just sketched a very, very basic concept to try and get the idea across.

Here it is in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

"My Little Star Trek: The Next Generation is Magic"*:

And here are the magnificent mane seven, engaged in one of the infamous Poker games that take place aboard the starship USS Canterprise. Ponies Playing Poker--the next series of paintings to become classics! :D

Here 'tis in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

Whoops...forgot to add Spot's whiskers 'til after I'd already submitted. Oh, well. :P Should hardly make a difference one way or the other.

*Also known, as  says, as "The Next Ge-neigh-ration!" ;-)

Oh yeah. and: Earlier Pony Creator-generated rendition of them

Friday, March 2, 2012

Idea for next My Little Pony Fan Design Contest at Mighty Fine

BACKGROUND, TOP LEVEL: Discord dressed as Q (costume from the Farpoint Encounter), with claws gripping the rising saucer of the starship "Canterprise"......sittin' up there like he's all that--the chaotic, omnipotent shit

BACKGROUND, MID-LEVEL: Shadowy images of Borg-ponies, with floating text reading: "Join the herd. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

FOREGROUND: Lineup of the mane seven, ponified (Picard, Data, and Worf are earth ponies, Riker and Crusher are Pegasi, and Troi and Geordi are unicorns.) Beneath them is a mash-up of the logos for the two cross-overed shows: "My Little Star Trek: The Next Generation is Magic."

Now, if I could only DRAW...!!!! DX

And just who is the Borg Queen of Equestria? Why, Lauren Faust, of course. ;)
...I kid, I kid.

Alternatively, if this design is too difficult or too complicated and "busy," there could be a scene involving the mane seven playing Poker. :3 Always a good way to showcase a group of friends and their individual personalities.

The most amazing and perfect design of all would be one that groups the mane seven (or nine, in Voyager's case) 'ponies' of each of the five series--arranging these groups in the manner of the symbols on a "five" playing card (each above their logo), as well as incorporating the other elements of DisQord and the "Borg herd," surrounding them all.
Oh, who in all this world is so amazing as to be able to make my life by manifesting such an image?

Fourthly, I'd love to see them as dogs. 
 ...Not that it has anything to do with any contest...

P.S. STEVE BUSCEMI<3, Jeff Bridges, & John Goodman ponies HAVE WON ME. It is now absolutely necessary that the Kill Bill cast be ponified. 
Kill Filly. Yes. Yes, indeed.