Monday, November 26, 2012

Swim free, my finsome, very special little angel-fish pal!



Here lie the remains of a most noble and excellent creature...

K for Karl: Here lies the body of a most noble and exquisite creature.

Swim free, my finsome, very special little angel-fish pal! Me little "Kombat Karl!"

Goodnight, sweet fish; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

For the first time in 20 years, I am fishless. :''{ 'Tisn't a pleasant feeling. It feels...wrong, and strange. I suppose I'll get used to it, 'til the time comes for more. The large main tank that's been in almost continuous use since the Christmas when I was a first-grader is now finally gone...not in good enough shape to really be able to repurpose. Le sigh.

My beloved, finsome, brilliant, playful, sociable, personable, cooperative, interactive, kissable, pettable, bubbly, dog-like, irreplaceable, friendliest of all fishies! My wee manly manfish!! Y U HAVE TO LEAVE. ;___; I RUV YOU. Well. I know that he was one happy little guy while he was with me. Although I'll deeply miss seeing him and his house, and his excited greetings and all of his myriad endearing antics...miss feeding him from his tower of food choices, and taking care of and arranging his house, and turning the heat lamp or candles on him when his heater wasn't enough, and turning on the bubbly least I know that we both felt the same way about each other! And he didn't linger or suffer. He must have passed away peacefully sometime during the night/morning. So...I suppose there isn't really too much to be sad about. Especially since he'd want his life to be celebrated and all the many good times, which were had on a daily basis, remembered. ;)

It just keeps hitting me that I can't and don't need to do all of those things with/for him anymore. ;-; I recently saw a pet memorial photo frame in a catalog that, in its simplicity, was one of the truest, most touching ones I've ever come across. It read: "Thanks for everything. I had a wonderful time." Yeah...I think that says it all perfectly for both of us.

Karl was a good fish...a damn good fish. Hope he's able to find all of my past ones (and perhaps even all my other animals), since he lived by himself and never knew any of them except for the three current dogs...and of course that pesky, identical-yet-far-less-dashing bum who occasionally showed up, moving in on Karl's turf and mimicking his every move...naturally he was successfully fended off on every attempt by the valiant, mighty, ever-victorious Karl! He truly was both a loving and a fighting fish to the end!! (Whose name means that he is a manly farmer. O_O) Hope he enjoys swimming the great rivers of the other side, and meets up all of our other animals...they should be able to sense one another.

He had the most personality, attitude, and personal bonding/attachment ability I've ever seen in a fish--and I have seen a lot of that.

The dates, of course, are just from the day I bought him to the day he passed. Obviously I don't know his actual birthday, but I celebrated August 4 as such.
He was named after the way my dad pronounces "coral." XD
I picked him out because of his handsome, velvety red-and-violet coloration and the fact that his house at the store most closely resembled the one I already had (but soon after replaced with a much larger one)...little did I know that I had selected very possibly The World's Greatest Fish! 8*-}

I sang his manly, fishly praises with each photo I uploaded...and picked out the best shots to choose among for his headstone.
Literally, I buried him in the backyard (a veritable "pet sematary," so lovely for whomever buys this house after we eventually sell it), in a nut tin...beneath the letter "K," written in splinters of wood......I had originally spelled his name with a C, but some time last year came to prefer the K.
Needless to say, I would Frankenweenie him if possible...

Thankfully I wasn't forced to see Karl in a terrible, painful position; he was simply lying at the bottom, peacefully and wholly intact, as if in a deep sleep. Of course, had I known that it were to be his last day I would have spent a lot more time with him and been readier to say goodbye...but that would have been impossible. At least he wasn't alone and knew how much I loved him...
In your honor, O majestic Karl, have I just purchased a new plush fish and spent some time recording & communing with the ones in Cabela's aquariums.

Of course I knew the day would come eventually, but dreaded it--knowing how very difficult the loss would be to take, and that whenever it was would feel like much too soon. You always want them to be able to stick around longer. (Ahh, the price we pay for loving any living creature!) At times it truly seemed that he'd just keep going and going and be around forever; maybe on some level I did unrealistically believe this wouldn't happen . A painful emptiness hangs over my bedroom now, in spite of all my other stuff--as though he's always had a place here, even long before I ever found him. I hate having to talk about him in the past tense; I hate hearing his name; I hate having so much more space on my dresser, and suddenly not having to close the drawers carefully so as not to slam them and disturb him I miss the way he'd sidle up and rub against your finger like a cat; I miss the stupid little "Karly-warly, fish of barley, Karly-warly-doo" song my mom would sing while wagging her finger at him whenever she came into my room. (I think he just tolerated the song and eventually grew as tired of it as I did, but always went to say hi to her anyway.) Obviously I'll become used to it as with every other time this happens, but I keep wanting to play with and talk to him...I've grown so accustomed to his fishy little presence...the first day without him has sucked, and it likely still will for a while.

So long, good buddy. Well, heck, why not keep on talking to ya? I know you know you're more than welcome to come back and hang out as often as you please--in fact, you'd better! You don't need to be constantly submerged anymore! How cool is that?! You always did seem to wanna be able to be more like us on the other side of the glass, in that way! ;) So yeah, why NOT keep talking? You just might be there...

"How very special are we,
For just a moment, to be,

A part of life's eternal rhyme.
How very special are we
To have on our family tree,
Mother Earth and Father Time.
~Charlotte's Web (1973)

"He was a fish, take him for all in all. I shall not look upon his like again."

Matter of fact, he was very, very Yorick-like...for a fish. Oh, Karl, why did ya have to go...!!! But, I'm grateful for the time he had as my best little betta buddy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ermahgherd, Perkermern!!! (Top 280? Surewhynot...)

The order could never be's too difficult...but 'tis good enough.

1. Ninetales
2. Manectric
3. Suicune
4. Jolteon
5. Umbreon
6. Vaporeon
7. Glaceon
8. Flareon
9. Vulpix
10. Vileplume

11. Mantine
12. Houndoom
 13. Exeggutor
14. Cacturne
15. Carnivine
16. Shellos
17. Gastrodon
18. Electrike
19. Phanpy
20. Weepinbell
21. Victreebel
22. Regice
23. Eelketross
24. Phanpy
25. Porygon2
26. Vanilluxe
27. Amoonguss
28. Liepard
29. Porygon
30. Xatu
31. Natu
32. Octillery
33. Torterra
34. Stoutland
35. Swalot
36. Vanillish
37. Jellicent
38. Cherubi
39. Drapion
40. Scolipede
41. Skorupi
42. Vanillite
43. Articuno
44. Dragonair
45. Herdier
46. Houndour
47. Seviper
48. Foongus
49. Mantyke
50. Frillish
51. Cobalion
52. Virizion
53. Sawsbuck
54. Serperior
55. Finneon
56. Cresselia
57. Electrode
58. Sudowoodo
59. Ludicolo
60. Lillipup
62. Lumineon
63. Mightyena
64. Sandslash
65. Sandshrew
66. Forretress
67. Corsola
68. Meloetta
69. Gothitelle
70. Whiscash
71. Cacnea
72. Barboach
73. Qwilfish
74. Whismur
75. Leafeon
76. Roselia
77. Glameow
78. Seaking
79. Bayleef
80. Magcargo
81. Dugtrio
82. Duskull
83. Espeon
84. Slugma
85. Ekans
86. Arbok
87. Koffing
88. Hoppip
89. Trapinch
90. Chansey
91. Sceptile
92. Cradily
93. Altaria
94. Lileep
95. Maractus
96. Claydol
97. Gorebyss
98. Huntail
99. Metang
100. Staraptor
101. Staravia
102. Chatot
103. Simipour
104. Cofagrigus
105. Chandelure
106. Giratina
107. Servine
108. Snover
109. Roserade
110. Litwick
111. Clamperl
112. Combee
113. Gothorita
114. Lampent
115. Wormadam
116. Burmy
117. Abomasnow
118. Grotle
119. Cloyster
120. Lopunny

121. Unfezant
122. Misdreavus
123. Linoone
124. Walrein
125. Steelix
126. Cryogonal
127. Camerupt
128. Spoink
129. Smoochum
130. Magby
131. Vibrava
132. Deerling
133. Girafarig
134. Ampharos
135. Goldeen
136. Stunfisk
137. Paras
138. Parasect
139. Venomoth
140. Piloswine

141. Lanturn
142. Chingling
143. Pineco
144. Drilbur
145. Excadrill
146. Azumarill
147. Jumpluff
148. Heatmor
149. Milotic
150. Corphish
151. Crawdaunt
152. Drifblim
153. Drifloon
154. Exeggcute
155. Venipede
156. Whirlipede
157. Castform (Ice)
158. Chinchou
159. Ariados
160. Dialga
161. Reshiram
162. Hitmonchan
163. Dewgong
164. Shaymin
165. Arceus
166. Tropius
167. Tynamo
168. Hypno
169. Voltorb
170. Elekid
171. Lucario
172. Archeops
173. Meinshao
174. Mandibuzz
175. Bonsly
176. Gothita
177. Reuniclus
178. Volcarona
179. Duosion
180. Solosis
181. Luxray
182. Swanna
183. Joltik
184. Eelektrik
185. Zoroark
186. Minccino
187. Illumise
188. Galvantula
189. Cinccino
190. Zebstrika
191. Blitzle
192. Masquerain
193. Archen
194. Tangela
195. Electabuzz
196. Quilava
197. Sealeo
198. Lilligant
199. Dwebble
200. Tangrowth
201. Shroomish
202. Crustle
203. Ivysaur
204. Wartortle
205. Charmeleon
206. Shellder
207. Torkoal
208. Weezing
209. Rufflet
210. Braviary
211. Absol
212. Ho-oh
213. Purrloin
214. Ferrothorn
215. Kingler
216. Krabby
217. Raticate
218. Rattata
219. Persian
220. Rapidash
221. Zorua
222. Surskit
223. Empoleon
224. Prinplup
225. Ferroseed
226. Beartic
227. Froslass
228. Gallade
229. Beautifly
230. Dustox
231. Spinarak
232. Floatzel
233. Sableye
234. Basculin
235. Starmie
236. Typhlosion
237. Samurott
238. Zigzagoon
239. Togetic
240. Swinub
241. Remoraid
242. Luvdisc
243. Honchkrow
244. Delibird
245. Oshawott
246. Pachirisu
247. Dewott
248. Sigilyph
249. Mothim
250. Dusclops
251. Skarmory
252. Volbeat
253. Stantler
254. Zangoose
255. Glalie
256. Gigalith
257. Kabuto
258. Sandile
259. Seadra
260. Klinklang
261. Klang
262. Klink
263. Druddigon
265. Tirtouga
266. Carracosta
267. Bronzor
268. Bronzong
269. Raichu
270. Yamask
271. Hydreigon
272. Zweilous
273. Deino
274. Keldeo
275. Shedinja
276. Ninjask
277. Nincada
278. Boldore
279. Bouffalant

280. Spiritomb

Added Gen VI favorites:








  8. INKAY








  16. AMAURA


  18. PYROAR

  19. SKIDDO

  20. GOGOAT


  22. CARBINK (Oh, and they just added Diancie! Cool.)

  23. MALAMAR (weird owl-squid)



  26. KLEFKI




  30. LITLEO







  38. GOODRA
  39. Panpour  (Wrong gen, but I missed it before. Honorable Mentions: Vivillon [love all the color variants, especially Modern & Ocean], Scatterbug, Durant, Kabutops, Espurr, Flabebe, Floette, Dedenne, Goomy, Sliggoo, Yanmega, Lotad, Sawk, Golbat, Gliscor)
~*quittikat65347*~ (Miser Bro. gym leader rosters)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Hub's Pup-ularity Contest



Everyone can vote 10 times a day through August 19. ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

MLP Design Contest Voting Now Open!!

Howdy do, friends o' mine...I've got two entries in WeLoveFine's third My Little Pony T-Shirt Design Contest. If you could please take a few seconds to register a simple account on the site and rate 'em for me, I'll send you a slice of the cake I'm baking tomorrow, plus some chocolate-dipped marshmallow Peeps! Or at least, I'll be extremely, stupendously super-grateful. 8D Rules are: "For every 100 new ratings after the first 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!"

So, if you're bored and give half a darn about ponies, you could rate the other designs as well to really help the prize money climb... =) TNG ponifications, v.2.0, using the Hub's PonyMaker! +D

Mind you, my entries are simply concepts; they were the best I could do, especially in the small amount of time I had to create anything at all to enter. If they were to receive any attention from the judges at all, or there were a desire to create Star Trek/My Little Pony crossover designs (which ought to exist already!), I would make further suggestions for such things and allow these basic concepts to be developed into print-worthy art.

The most amazing and perfect design of all would be one that groups the magnificent mane seven (or nine, in Voyager's case) "ponies" of each of the five series--arranging these groups in the manner of the symbols on a "five" playing card (each above their logo), as well as incorporating the other elements of DisQord and the "Borg herd," surrounding them all. There can be more ponified Trek characters, objects, and whatnot as well (including the things that are already obvious connections--Parasprites, Changelings, etc.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

And here ARE me entries! ('s My Little Pony design contest)

"Resistance is Futile":

With ugly spray paint "backdrop": 

Without the spray paint (and before I added the Elements of Intergalactic/Universal Harmony...actually, I submitted it before inserting those anyway. :/ Also had to use this plain white one because the additional paint made the file too large):

I'm obviously not that much of an artist with or without a computer, but as I knew that something more simply HAD to be done with the pony/Trek crossover, I just sketched a very, very basic concept to try and get the idea across.

Here it is in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

"My Little Star Trek: The Next Generation is Magic"*:

And here are the magnificent mane seven, engaged in one of the infamous Poker games that take place aboard the starship USS Canterprise. Ponies Playing Poker--the next series of paintings to become classics! :D

Here 'tis in the contest gallery!
...and on DeviantArt, with more description.

Whoops...forgot to add Spot's whiskers 'til after I'd already submitted. Oh, well. :P Should hardly make a difference one way or the other.

*Also known, as  says, as "The Next Ge-neigh-ration!" ;-)

Oh yeah. and: Earlier Pony Creator-generated rendition of them

Friday, March 2, 2012

Idea for next My Little Pony Fan Design Contest at Mighty Fine

BACKGROUND, TOP LEVEL: Discord dressed as Q (costume from the Farpoint Encounter), with claws gripping the rising saucer of the starship "Canterprise"......sittin' up there like he's all that--the chaotic, omnipotent shit

BACKGROUND, MID-LEVEL: Shadowy images of Borg-ponies, with floating text reading: "Join the herd. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

FOREGROUND: Lineup of the mane seven, ponified (Picard, Data, and Worf are earth ponies, Riker and Crusher are Pegasi, and Troi and Geordi are unicorns.) Beneath them is a mash-up of the logos for the two cross-overed shows: "My Little Star Trek: The Next Generation is Magic."

Now, if I could only DRAW...!!!! DX

And just who is the Borg Queen of Equestria? Why, Lauren Faust, of course. ;)
...I kid, I kid.

Alternatively, if this design is too difficult or too complicated and "busy," there could be a scene involving the mane seven playing Poker. :3 Always a good way to showcase a group of friends and their individual personalities.

The most amazing and perfect design of all would be one that groups the mane seven (or nine, in Voyager's case) 'ponies' of each of the five series--arranging these groups in the manner of the symbols on a "five" playing card (each above their logo), as well as incorporating the other elements of DisQord and the "Borg herd," surrounding them all.
Oh, who in all this world is so amazing as to be able to make my life by manifesting such an image?

Fourthly, I'd love to see them as dogs. 
 ...Not that it has anything to do with any contest...

P.S. STEVE BUSCEMI<3, Jeff Bridges, & John Goodman ponies HAVE WON ME. It is now absolutely necessary that the Kill Bill cast be ponified. 
Kill Filly. Yes. Yes, indeed.