Thursday, November 12, 2009

Following a Blog

I chose "Frugal Traveler" ('Seeing the World on a Budget') by Matt Gross of the New York Times. He updates it every Wednesday with a post about an intriguing new location, plenty of tips on how one could make the very most of a trip there for less, interviews, experiences & stories, and/or other closely related subjects.

It looks to be a thorough, informative, and concise blog, with links to the most useful "cheap travel" planning sites, and an author who must be extremely knowledgeable and reliable given his incredibly thrifty journeys across Europe, the USA, and the world, that nonetheless lacked nothing except overspending.

I'd like to watch this blog because I always enjoy reading about travels, learning about new places that might be exciting to go to in the future for various reasons, and discovering methods for making every aspect of any trip as efficient as possible, moneywise. I also like Gross's relaxed, fun writing style, his use of photography, etc. He's a good choice of a person to keep this type of blog.

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